I absolutely love the  color, smell, and taste of mangoes.  When I was back home visiting St. Croix recently, big juicy mangoes were hanging from the trees and I was so tempted to pick some, but I refrained myself (because they were on private property and not mine to pick!).  But I quickly got my hands on some and devoured them.  Now that I think about it,  I had one almost every day that I was there (that’s almost 2 weeks).  How could I resist? They are so sweet.

So besides just devouring mangoes (but I don’t everyday I promise, I do have self-control…no Mango Monster here), I love their yellow/orange color and am inspired by how this fruit (and the color) is used in fun ways.   I’ve shared some great finds below.  Do you find mangoes delicious? Let me know how you enjoy them.

P.S.  If you really love mangoes and want to have some fun, St. Croix holds an event every summer at the Botanical Gardens called Mango Melee.  Click here to check it out: Mango Melee

The color just brightens up these spaces!
Contemporary Exterior

Mango Style
Just for fun.
Mango Mood.

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