the big fat breakfast wedding.

Wedding begins at 7am, followed by a breakfast reception.  Yep, that’s what the invitation said 7AM!  That’s not your typical wedding, but that’s why it’s interesting.  I happened to attend that 7AM wedding a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised how much of a good time I had.  I wasn’t sure if anyone attending would have the energy (that early in the morning) to celebrate.  And I was so wrong.  We were all dancing until the very end.  Because it was a celebration of love, period.  The time of day was unimportant in the grand scheme of things.  So in the spirit of breakfast weddings, I found some inspirational ideas below.  Have you attended a morning wedding?  I’d love to hear about it.

(this early in morning…just sipping on juice. with my mind on the couple, and the couple on my mind)
 (This is where I’d spend my time…right next to nature’s candy, oh yeah)
(how nice is this set up? Love how the items are beautifully displayed and spelled out)
(Waffle baby, Waffle baby, Waffle baby)
(How many ways can you butter a biscuit?)
(Good Morning Cheers to the happy couple!)

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