ready to run.

I run 10-15 miles per week to stay healthy and stay in shape, and it’s not always easy, but its always worth it. I ran the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race for the first time this year, it was a rainy day – but nonetheless it was still grrrrrreat (said like Tony the Tiger).


I can’t wait to run it next year, even with all the rain – it was a FUN experience.  Thought I’d share some of the things that keep me motivated to stay fit and keep running.  So what about you, what keeps you motivated? Are you always ready to run?

my daily reminder

running inspiration image via our sole intent
running inspiration image via our sole intent

my inspirational reads

peanut butter runner by jen decurtins – one of my favorite blogs for food, recipes, and training options (not just running).  jen is always a great read, something you’ll definitely look forward to.

eat this, not that– great website that shows how to make the best choices for fuel (aka food).

coach calorie – a really smart approach to weight loss and fitness, you’ll appreciate his infinite wisdom.

runners world – most comprehensive site for runners, about running – hence, why it’s called ‘runners world’ 😉

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