apples, peaches, pumpkin pies

I love making pies, especially “apple” pie — it’s my #1 favorite.  But there are so many other types of pies, so I thought I would share some pie recipes (traditional and some fun variations) and hopefully inspire you to make a pie soon, as I’m inspired to craft one myself (guess…what…kind it’ll be? You got it…Apple!).  Let me know what recipe you chose, and how it turned out!

apple pie via martha stewart
apple brown sugar pie via bon appetit
salted caramel apple pie
salted caramel apple pie via the cooking channel
peach pie via grandbaby cakes
apricot and peach crumble pie
apricot and peach crumble pie via food52
peach almond galette via delish
pumpkin pie via food52
bruleed bourbon-maple pumpkin pie via bon appetit
triple chocolate pumpkin pie recipe via delish
pumpkin rum flan
pumpkin rum flan via the crucian contessa (this isn’t technically a pie, but I like the pumpkin + rum combination and thought it would be a fun one to try!)

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