fall desserts

throw a fall dessert party one afternoon – just find another reason to celebrate the fall season. I have a few ideas below of what I would have on the menu if I were throwing this soiree.  tell me what you would bring!

caramel apple dessert station (apples of course! this would be my feature dessert…and loads of fun)

caramel apple station via amy atlas

sweet potato pie – oh my!

petite sweet potato pie via skinny taste

pecan pie (I (heart) pecan pies…yes, I have a serious sweet tooth that I MUST keep in check)

mini pecan pie via house of yumm

cranberry apple crisps (seriously, I can’t get enough of apples)

mini cranberry apple crisps via my baking addiction

pumpkin pie slice cookies (what’s a fall dessert party without the presence of pumpkin)

mini pumpkin pie slice cookies via sugarbelle

Additional Items (ice cream, fall inspired coffee and tea are a must have!)

ice cream, pumpkin spice latte, caramel chai tea

true vanilla ice cream via epicurious

pumpkin spice latte via starbucks

caramel chai tea via teavana

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