national lobster day is today! september 25

I absolutely love lobster and I’m thrilled that sept. 25 is national lobster day.  so celebrate national lobster day today by enjoying what else, lobster! fun fact:  lobster is very nutritious.  it’s high in protein, and low in fat and carbs (when boiled or steamed) making it an optimal choice for those watching their diets.  it can be expensive, so choose a day (like today) to splurge a little if you can.  I have some favorite recipe finds below, and please share your favorite lobster recipes with me.  enjoy!

start with the basic, boiled lobster

boiled lobster via saveur

lobster salad w/avocados (can we say delish?)

lobster salad with citrus vinaigrette via bon appetit

lobster roll (is your mouth watering? #sorryNotsorry)

lobster roll via food52
lobster bisque via saveur
fn lobster mac and cheese
lobster mac & cheese via food network


brownbutter lobster ravioli via hbakedharvest
brown butter lobster ravioli via half baked harvest

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