travel: st. croix usvi (my home)

I just recently returned from st. croix us virgin islands (it’s where I am originally from), and thought I’d share a quick collage of some of things we did while I was home.  I would highly recommend spending some time there…st. croix is beautiful, and will likely become one of your favorite places in the world.  let me know when you go home!

collage stcroix

  1. church service on the beach with local band “Ten Sleepless Knights – they played some great gospel songs and having them play right by the beach was truly majestic.  I couldn’t find the gospel songs online, so I included in the link above one of their Christmas favorites.  the music they play is called “Quelbe” and its the official music of the US Virgin Islands – learn more about it here.  no matter what kind of day you’re having, you can’t help but smile when you hear it.
  2. iguanas eating hibiscus flowers – um, yeah iguanas are just not my thing…but they are around the island.  they don’t bother you typically, but my husband decided to help feed them as we learned they like hibiscus flowers.  (this is one activity that I happily DID NOT participate in)
  3. kayaking on the water – we were out fishing on the Frederiksted pier, and I caught site of this lovely woman stand up kayaking. I’ve done it before and it’s fun once you keep your balance. I love this shot with the island in the background as we were out on the pier.
  4. the beach – OMGosh. If I could just go home and find a way to veg on the beach most days of the week, life would be perfect.  every other day I went for a run, and right after I finished my run I would lunge myself into the water.  it was the most amazing feeling to have that water just wrap around you…the weather and temperature were just perfect.     I strongly believe there are therapeutic benefits to being in the ocean.
  5. local food – my mother is an outstanding cook, so we don’t typically eat out but we couldn’t resist a trip to Harvey’s Restaurant…it’s a local restaurant with a great menu and great food.  we dined on local fish, with season rice and veggies.  delish! (it’s also the favorite restaurant of our most favorite hometown guy, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs)
  6. fishin’ off the frederiksted pier – my husband loves to fish, and we decided to spend one afternoon fishing off the pier in Frederiksted (one of the towns in st. croix).  it was a gorgeous day and although we didn’t catch anything, it was great to just watch nature.  you know it’s truly the little things that can captivate you once you take the time to pay attention…it was one of those days where we stared at everything we saw and just gasped at the beauty of nature.   yeah, that was our afternoon.
  7. frederiksted – it’s a town in st. croix on the west side where my grandmother lived, and we were on our way to the beach when I took this shot as some rain clouds were coming in..I jut love the colors.
  8. point udall st. croix – we went to watch the sunrise one morning at point udall, the easternmost point in the USA…yes, it’s the first place American soil sees the sunrise.  it was splendid.  (again, it’s the little things like watching the sunrise that can make your day!)

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