beauty: nars

nars cosmetics has been the apple of my eye for beauty products for as long as I can remember.  I truly love the quality, colors, design, everything.  my beauty bags are filled with nars products – no joke (I show proof at the bottom of this blog).  I always look forward to his new products and collections like a kid waiting for Christmas, and I’m loving his new fall 2015 collection. so as we head into the fall season, I thought I would share my top nars product recommendations for just two occasions, that’s day and nighttime glam ;).  his products tend to work with many different complexions, but I encourage you to explore his colors and choose what works best for you. are you a nars lover too?  let me know what are your nars beauty favs!

btbm: two occasions by babyface

daytime nars look – very simple and sheer

beauty collage numbered

  1. eyeliner stylo in carpates – 24 hour wear, high intensity color, cat eye or not – make it happen with this eyeliner.
  2. new! audacious mascara – meant to intensify, amplify and mesmerize your lashes (sold!) get it today in black satin.
  3. lovejoy blush – this is my daily blush, and it’s absolutely perfect. it’s a shimmering bronze rose that is truly beautiful on the skin.
  4. new! chelsea girls lip gloss – from the new fall 2015 collection, a nice  color that offers simplicity with elegance (sorry, lip gloss never goes out of style)

nightime nars look – simply sexy

nightime beauty collage

  1. dual intensity eye shadow in telesto – the dual intensity eyeshadow allows you to choose your best impact by using this either wet or dry, from the new fall 2015 collection.
  2. new! velvet shadow stick in hollywoodland – it’s like velvet, soft and supple on your eyes…I would use this on my browbone.
  3. new! kohliner in minorque – a bold, matte black formula that helps to intensify your eyes.  perfect for nightime glam.
  4. new! audacious mascara – perfect for day or night! 😉 meant to intensify, amplify and mesmerize your lashes (sold!) get it today in black satin.
  5. albatross highlighting blush – the BEST highlighter, use it on your cheeks, bridge of your nose, anywhere where the light hits you for a subtle glow. a little goes a long way.
  6. maui the multiple – this is nars’ personal innovative product, it’s multi-purpose and can be used on eyes, cheeks, or lips.  I would use it for cheeks on this look and I would use it lightly, very soft.  (this is an AMAZING product. I also like portofino and south beach).
  7. fire down below lipstick – when all you need is the drama of a ruby red lip (mic drop).
  8. tahiti laguna bronzing powder – offers a very light golden shimmer then the regular laguna bronzer. use it to help contour where needed, and take away shine.

bonus:  here’s my personal stash of nars blushes (I know, I know I don’t need anymore…but that won’t stop me from getting another)

nars stacee drawer

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