meatless monday

meatless monday was founded in 2003, and has become a global movement and phenomenon.  now I personally do eat meat/chicken/poultry products regularly, but for the past decade I have chosen to eat one meatless meal everyday.  I just find it improves my digestion and I feel better overall.  and vegetarian foods are really good, trust me – you don’t miss the meat.  but for those who are skeptical, why not throw a meatless monday night party?  see how creative you can be with a meatless menu and you might hook some carnivore loving folks to actually try going meatless either for a day, a meal or more!  I thought about what I would do, and so my menu recommendations are below. let me know what you think!  and please, share your favorite meatless recipes with me!

since (hypothetically) I would be planning this in the fall, I chose to go with more seasonal type options.


cheese plate via vegetarian times

meatless can be comforting… french baguette via food 52 & squash and apple soup via saveur


little green salad via cookie and kate (it’s a personal requirement, green salad on every menu)


 wild mushroom ravioli in sage and brown butter sauce via vegetarian times

 creamy spinach tortellini via pillsbury


 gluten free apple crisp via cookie and kate and homemade coconut ice cream via gi365

bonus: check out this Chef’s recipe for a mushroom burger with pickled aioli 


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