5 ways to add greens to your breakfast

we all know that leafy green vegetables are very healthy and are good for you, and its generally easy to add them for lunch or dinner.  but how can you get those greens in at the first meal of the day?  I have found 5 great ways to add them in at breakfast.  let me know what you think.

 green smoothie with spinach via yours truly, the sugarapple

scrambled eggs with greens (use escarole, chard, or bok choy) via cook for your life

chicken sausage sandwich with arugula via al fresco  (al fresco chicken sausages are delish!)

sweet potato, kale, and quinoa fritters via yes, more please (it’s a super healthy hashbrown!)

sauteed swiss chard with garlic and lemon via bon appetit  (great article: why greens are so good for breakfast )

BONUS! Learn all about Israeli breakfast salads from Zahav Chef Michael Solomonov.

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