destination: portugal

my husband and I traveled to Portugal last year, we spent time in lisbon, algarve, and evora…all places that I would highly recommend that you seek and find. 🙂 It is a wonderful country and I found the food, the people, the architecture, the surroundings (basically everything), absolutely amazing.  it’s a trip I would definitely do again.  and speaking of the food, it was simple yet full of flavor.  I thought a great way to honor my trip to Portugal would be to throw a “celebrate Portugal” party and  show all the photo’s that we took with friends, and dine on some of the great food we had.  sounds like a good idea right?   so, I put together a quick menu.  let me know what you think, and enjoy a few snapshots of my trip too.   apreciar!

celebrate Portugal: menu idea

portugual foods

1. simple bread via food from portugal (the bread was sooo good, forget your lo carb diet. eat and enjoy)

2. warm marinated olives via fine cooking (I’m not even an olive fan, but too delish to quit)

3grilled sardines via emeril lagasse (a must try it)

4. roast chicken with orange and potatoes via food from portugal (its delectable and delish. nuff said)

5. mixed green salad with vinaigrette dressing via food52 (also check out my 5 fav salads)

6. custard tarts via all recipes (I don’t really like custard, but I loved these! why? they are just YUM)

my personal travel photos

portugal collage

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