try it: butternut squash

cooking in season is always best, and my friends at Cooking Light have a great produce guide to help you choose the right items! fall is a perfect time for squash (and apples! you know a post is coming on my absolutely favorite food soon….but we digress), so I decided to specifically focus on butternut squash for this post because it’s a favorite of mine.  its really got a mild, slightly buttery flavor that I find absolutely delish.  and it’s very healthy too.  Here are 5 ways for preparing butternut squash (you must check out the butternut squash noodles – who would have thunk?) – and the best part, all recipes qualify for #meatlessmonday!  let me know which ones you try. 

 carmelized butternut squash

roasted butternut squash and raw carrot soup

black bean and butternut squash noodle tacos

butternut squash black bean chili

 butternut squash pizza

BONUS! easy butternut squash enchilada casserole

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