seasons of run.

’tis the season for cooler weather and that means, my running attire shifts from shorts (some people run in shorts all year long…sorry, not this island girl) to layers of tops, long pants, and gloves.  I just found out about Rulu by lululemon, a fabric geared for cool weather workouts, that is sweat wicking, comfortable, and also looks-good-on.  I picked out the items I’d like to try.  learn all about the fabric here.  have you tried Rulu?

btbm: seasons of love – Rent

kanto catch me run jacket – wind and water resistant, sounds like it’ll make my run cozy and fun.

kanto catch me long sleeve shirt – this shirt looks super comfortable.

run with me gloves – my hands can get very cold quickly so these gloves would be perfect for my runs (cold hands, warm heart 😉 )

run and done neck warmer – this will probably be my first purchase along with the gloves.  it looks really warm and comfy.

*track to reality pant III – note: this is NOT Rulu fabric, but I had to include an option for some new long running pants. and I could definitely track around in these…

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