soup + sandwich

when fall comes around, and the weather gets a little cooler and the days get shorter….I start to crave a soup + sandwich meal.  it’s comfort food at its best and I’ve found 5 favs for soup + sandwiches that are delicious and should make you feel nourished.  what about you? what are your favorite soup and sandwich meals? please share!

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  1. tomato soup + waffle grilled cheese sandwich*
  2. black bean soup + tomato sandwich
  3. garden vegetable soup*  + pancetta, tomato, and avocado sandwich
  4. Armenian lentil soup* with eggplant and apricots  + greek salad pita*
  5. moroccan butternut squash soup* w/goat cheese + supergreen veggie collard*

*perfect for #meatlessmonday  note: to make it #meatless – for any soups that call for chicken stock, just substitute vegetable stock OR if they call for meat/poultry/fish additions, just omit them or add veggies in their place.  Easy!

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