eat in color: orange

do you ever consciously try to eat a rainbow of foods?  I’m trying to everyday, so I thought I’d start a series called “eat in color” to help me stay on track.  I’m going to focus on one specific color of the rainbow for each post, trying to better understand the foods in that group and then challenge myself to find a way to eat foods from that color group all-in-one-day, eventually leading up to having a full colorful day of foods every day, every meal.  🙂  (the pressure I put on myself)

so for this first post, I’m focused on orange foods – perfect for fall (where some foods are actually in-season* – yeah!). here’s my take on some delicious orange food meals and recipes. let me know if you’ll take this eat-in-color challenge with me-there are 4 more color posts coming! (BONUS! all recipes work for #MeatlessMonday)

food facts via equinox:

the color: orange
the picks: Sweet potatoes*, yams, winter squash*, carrots, pumpkin*, persimmons, apricots, turmeric root (also papaya, oranges, cantaloupe, tangerines)
the payoffs: High in vitamin A, orange-hued eats improve immune and reproductive health; they also have anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties

orange foods – meal options


pumpkin oat waffles w/sliced oranges OR papaya ginger smoothie

lunch or dinner

curried butternut squash soup w/green salad & turmeric almond dressing

 epic quinoa burger with sweet potato fries

pumpkin ravioli

sweet potato chili


baby carrots OR dried apricots


pumpkin carrot cake

yogurt and apricot pie with granola crust

see more eat-in-color recipes on my pinterest board here

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