no scream halloween.

my kind of halloween is non-scary, (I know, I know I’m a wimp!) but I prefer it to be full of fun (and some candy doesn’t hurt).   I’m going to a friend’s costume party (she and her husband throw it every year and its GREAT) and my husband and I have chosen to go with an Egyptian theme this year — he’ll be a Pharaoh and I’ll be an Egyptian princess.  I’ll see if I can share some pics of our costumes.  but in the meantime…

…thought I’d share some great non-scary ideas for an adult halloween party (in case you wanted to throw one) 😉   what are you doing for halloween?

no tricks, just treats (isn’t halloween the celebration of all things sweet?):

candy display: a designer halloween candy buffet table (fun, and super sweet!)

costume: if you’re the host, you probably want to be a bit elaborate so get inspired with these top celebrity costumes of all time, and have fun!

appetizers & snacks: frankenguac with chips, balsamic portabello and bacon & cheese mini sliders, along with thrice-fried french fries

desserts:  caramel apples, maple cupcakes, and orange jack o’lanterns with sorbet  and don’t forget some hot spiced apple cider to wash it all down.

decorate: make it easy with no-carve pumpkin ideas like these balloons and tuxedo cats, including door decor is always nice, and especially with this doorman to welcome everyone inside.

party favors: corny gift bags  and jack-o-lantern gift bags just make lugging candy home that much better.

 Bonus! play musical chairs with: michael jackson thriller (btbm – of course! halloween theme song)






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