eat in color: yellow

continuing our series of eat-in-color (finding ways to enjoy naturally colorful foods within our day) – we now focus on yellow foods! our task is to find a way to have a yellow food at every meal throughout the day, eventually leading up to eating a rainbow of color foods all in one day.  have you been following our series? (please see our previous eat-in-color posts on orangered, and purple/blue foods)

so here’s our yellow food recipes and meal options, (and best part – they are all eligible for #MeatlessMonday.  😉  ) what are your favorites?

food facts via equinox

the color: yellow
the picks: acorn squash*, asian pears, crookneck squash, ginger root, golden apples*, potatoes,  yellow bell peppers (also bananas, corn, lemons, mangoes, plantains, pineapple, yellow beets, yellow zucchini)
the payoff: Among other benefits, yellow produce promotes better eye and skin health and improved cognition.

*in-season fall produce

yellow foods – meal options


pineapple, mango, and lemon salad OR golden apple pancakes OR banana beignets (treat!)

lunch or dinner

tex mex rainbow salad with creamy avocado dressing

yellow beet and asian pear salad

curried corn soup with ginger

wild rice stuffed acorn squash

coconut rice with black beans, plaintains, and mango salsa


golden apples OR sliced pineapple (delicious on its own)


pineapple carppacio with lemon sorbet and candied zest OR poached asian pear dessert

get more eat-in-color recipes via our pinterest board here

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