fall weekend brunch buffet

it’s the time when the weather is definitely becoming cooler, and laying in bed on the weekends under the warm blankets is the new meaning of “joy” for me.   one of the best reasons to get up out of that warm bed is to enjoy a weekend brunch — it’s not too early, not too late — and it incorporates the best of fall seasonal produce.   here’s my perfect fall weekend buffet brunch menu.  what are your brunch favorites?

*seasonal produce items

scrambled eggs via spork or foon

sweet and savory cheese and bacon wrapped twists via half baked harvest

cornmeal crepes with figs* and pears* via bon appetit with pure maple syrup

autumn harvest salad w/maple balsamic vinaigrette via food52

bacon and butternut squash* pasta via cooking light

apple* and pear* tarte tatin via serious eats

apple* cider doughnuts via martha stewart weddings

more fall inspiration here

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