tree trimming party

after I got engaged to my now husband years ago (nope, not saying how long ago haha) one of the first social events we held was a Christmas tree trimming party, where we asked guests to come over and bring us an ornament to help decorate our tree.  and I honestly don’t remember what we served, but I remember being pleasantly surprised (and delighted) with the ornaments that people brought us for that first Christmas. they each told us why they picked up their specific ornament for us, and every reason was simply perfect.  and every year thereafter when decorating your tree, every time you pull out an ornament received from your first tree trimming party, you’ll be able to share the story behind each ornament given to you.  It’s a great way to create positive memories around the holidays.  I want to host another one soon.  here’s how what I’m thinking for the menu, easy warm comfort foods and a simple Christmas dessert while we all decorate the tree.  fun Christmas music needed, of course! have you had a tree trimming party?  what kind of fun ornaments did you get?


kale* salad with balsamic, pine nuts, and parmesan via simply recipes

prosciutto and arugula pizza via the kitchn

baked penne with chicken and sun dried tomatoes via martha stewart

cheese tortellini with walnut pesto via food & wine

sour cream sugar christmas cookies via baker bettie w/ sparkling pomegranate* punch via half baked harvest

*in season produce

and last but not least, apple ornaments are welcome on the sugarapple Christmas tree 😉
apple ornament

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