destination Christmas

for most of us, waking up on Christmas morning in our own home is something we all look forward too.  but what if you had the chance to spend Christmas away from home…in an amazing destination…with your family…that was just as wonderful as being “home.”  so, I was thinking about where I would like to go and I found 5 favs for a great “destination Christmas” holiday.  tell me what you think! where would you like to go?

destination christmas: a new holiday tradition? why not.

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Vail, CO (I’ve been here and it’s gorg this time of year. and if you like to ski…perfect)

 Disney World (celebrate at the most magical place on earth? yes. you. should. nuff said)

Cancun Mexico (tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and why not spend Christmas in Mexico? who’s with me?)

 St. Croix USVI (it’s not just a day, Christmas is “Festival Time” and the island celebrates for a couple of weeks with a multitude of activities. you-should-go-like-today. for full disclosure-I’m from here 😉  )

holiday cruise (can’t decide? take a cruise where you can visit a few different places within a week or so)

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