dinner: Christmas Eve

it’s the final countdown to Christmas.  and I don’t know about you, but Christmas dinner is definitely a decadent meal for our family so for Christmas Eve…I prefer a more appetizer-esq dinner, (small plates), where I’m not eating two heavy dinner meals 2 days in a row.  but that doesn’t mean that my Christmas Eve dinner can’t still be special (like dessert!), we can still enjoy seasonal food, and still feel nourished. (I said still 3x…maybe I’m thinking of the Lionel Richie song subconsciously…okay, that song has absolutely NOTHING to do with Christmas, so let’s keep it moving)

here’s a sample “small plate” menu of what I’d like to have for Christmas Eve dinner.  what about you?

potato leek* soup via southern living

mini crab cakes with herbed aioli via cooking light + winter kale* and pomegranate* salad via well plated

red velvet white chocolate cheesecake via southern living (with a light meal, I think a decadent treat is deserved)

white chocolate peppermint tea via teavana (seems like a Christmas Eve kinda drink)

*winter produce

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