caribbean breakfast

I’ll be enjoying this caribbean-inspired breakfast on Christmas morning!  and if you’re looking for a way to lift your holiday spirts check out this great holiday card from the USVI. what’s your favorite way to enjoy your holiday breakfast?

breakfast menu – crucian style

bush tea via crucian contessa (now, I’ll likely have to use tea from a bag…but when you’re home, you tend to get bush from your backyard and brew it…hence, “bush tea”)

hard boiled eggs via the incredible egg  & saltfish via I am simply tia (typical breakfast food combo…it’s yummy!)

johnny cakes via crucian contessa (this is life-changing)

citrus* salad  via nytimes (fresh seasonal fruit is a must have for any themed breakfast in my book, Caribbean or otherwise…so I would include citrus fruits for this time of year) note: this recipe calls for prosecco which I would omit


*includes seasonal winter produce

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