destination Christmas

for most of us, waking up on Christmas morning in our own home is something we all look forward too.  but what if you had the chance to spend Christmas away from home…in an amazing destination…with your family…that was just as wonderful as being “home.”  so, I was thinking about where I would like to go … More destination Christmas

tree trimming party

after I got engaged to my now husband years ago (nope, not saying how long ago haha) one of the first social events we held was a Christmas tree trimming party, where we asked guests to come over and bring us an ornament to help decorate our tree.  and I honestly don’t remember what we served, … More tree trimming party

5favs – maple syrup (sans pancakes and waffles)

I find that certain ingredients seem to take more of a precedence in the fall, like maple syrup.  but it doesn’t have to be just for your pancakes and waffles.   I found 5 favs maple syrup recipes that are sure to make maple syrup “stick” in your mind all day long.   🙂  which ones do you … More 5favs – maple syrup (sans pancakes and waffles)