meatless monday: comfort food

happy new year! has winter set in as yet where you live?  we’ve just returned from a wonderful 2 week vacation (in honor of my Mom’s birthday) in Florida and Mexico (future blog post!) and have felt the chill of winter now that we’ve returned to Atlanta.  brrrrrr.    but nothing helps take the chill away like warm comfort food, and yes – it can all work for a meatless monday.  so in honor of the chilly weather and staying indoors as much as possible – here’s a meatless monday menu (say that 5x) that is going to warm me up.  hope it helps you too. share what you like! #meatlessmonday


warm healthy coconut granola bars via nytimes w/ sliced oranges* + glass of fairlife milk** – served warmed with cinnamon (see note below)


vegetable soup via nytimes  + avocado spinach panini via vegetarian times


meatless meatloaf + creamy mashed potatoes + green beans via gardein***

*winter seasonal produce

**fairlife: I really like this milk – it’s lactose free, high in protein, and low in sugar…it’s a great way to get in some protein  

***gardein – if you’re slowly trying out meatless, these products are a great way to help with the transition as they are delish

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