5favs: healthy snack attack

it’s the new year and a lot of people choose to start eating healthier, and we all start off with good intentions – but there’s that 3pm snack attack that can bring a good day down real fast (or maybe that’s just me), 😉  so I have 5favs for healthy snacks that I use to keep on track and keep me satiated until dinner.  tell me what you think! and please share your favorites.  happy “healthy” snacking!

1: an orange* w/ a handful of almonds


2: pomegranate* arils w/ 2 hard boiled eggs (these arils are like eating candy! so delish)

3: red apple (of course! a sugarapple daily staple) w/ a handful of spicy herb nuts

4:   cucumber feta bites (great way to get veggies in mid-afternoon, and you can switch out feta for goat cheese 😉 )

5: quinoa, nut and dried fruit bars (make your own natural energy bar for that afternoon pick me up)

quinoa nut and protein bar via food and spice

*in-season produce

want more options? visit my eat-in-color series for more healthy snack and meal options.

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