5favs: citrus crush.

I’m a little under the weather this week, nothing drastic just a nagging cold.   but it always leads me to start upping my Vitamin C intake especially with citrus fruits (sliced oranges in the morning are delightful…).  and it’s perfect that a plethora of citrus is in-season during the winter, what a great way to help combat those pesky winter colds as well as heighten our senses to the warmer months ahead…citrus fruits are like a breath of fresh air.

I found 5favs recipes using citrus fruits that I hope will add some brightness into your day.  which ones are your favorites? enjoy.

citrus turmeric rever upper juice via kale & caramel

easy cream scones with fancy lemon curd via apt 2b baking

blood orange salad with fennel & arugula via sunkist

citrus cream pasta via food folks and fun

lemon bars via smitten kitchen (decadence I will have to enjoy when I feel better 😉  )

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