5favs for #NationalPeanutButterDay – jan. 24

peanut butter is one of my top lovefest foods – the ones I GASP over whenever they’re in front of me.  and with today being #NationalPeanutButterDay, I just had to share my 5favs ways to enjoy peanut butter.  it’s one of the foods that I find so comforting, and it can be enjoyed as simple or as decadent as one would like.  so, hooray for #NationalPeanutButterDay! how do you enjoy peanut butter?

 on toast for breakfast (or lunch…or dinner…it’s just simple and sweet)

4 ingredient peanut butter granola via kristine’s kitchen blog

peanut butter cookie baked oatmeal via the oatmeal artist (now this is a #MustTry…)

ultimate chocolate peanut butter cupcakes via baker by nature

vegan peanut butter pie via minimalist baker

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