how can this be? #NationalPeanutButterDay and #ChocolateCakeDay celebrated in the same week? Ahhh….this is just t-o-r-t-u-r-e if you’re trying really hard to NOT think about desserts…well, it would be hard for anyone to avoid those yummy thoughts.  and I’m not going to try ;).  so I’m sharing my absolute 5fav ways to have chocolate cake in celebration of #ChocolateCakeDay.  and let’s look at the bright side, valentine’s day is right around the corner.  chocolate cake for you and your sweetie. 😉  please share your favorites with me!

molten chocolate cake via nytimes cooking (my absolute fav!)

flourless chocolate cake via king arthur flour (gluten free before gf was a hot topic)

vegan chocolate cake with creamy choco filling via food52 (amazing this includes no eggs, butter or milk!)

chocolate velvet cupcakes w/browned butter cinnamon cream cheese frosting via southern living  (absolutely divine)

white chocolate cake w/raspberries via wilton (yes, I love white chocolate…cant help it)


 chocolate peanut butter cheesecake w/chocolate glaze via martha stewart (had to include a choco + pb recipe)

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