eat in color: all day (g.r.o.p.y)

sharing our  ALL color (g.r.o.p.y, i.e. green, red, orange, purple/blue and yellow) daily meal plan.  I’ve compiled this #MeatlessMonday meal plan straight from our previous eat-in-color posts.  there’s enough meal options to have multiple days of eating in color, so mix and match like I’m doing!  what’s your favorite foods to eat in color?


green breakfast

 green smoothie with spinach

purple/blue lunch

purple potato gnocchi 

over the rainbow cabbage salad with lemon tahini dressing

red afternoon snack

red delicious apple (just yum all by itself) and a handful of spicy herb nuts with cayenne pepper

orange + green dinner

green salad & turmeric almond dressing

pumpkin ravioli

yellow + green dessert

pineapple carppacio with lemon sorbet and candied zest with fresh lemongrass tea

get more eat-in-color recipes via our pinterest board here

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