purple picks.

its our #MeatlessMonday  menu filled with a day of purple/blue foods.  what are your favs?

food facts via equinox:

the color: purple/blue
the picks: eggplant, purple cabbage, purple kale, purple cauliflower, purple potatoes, purple carrots, prunes, raisins (also blackberries, plums,  blueberries, concord grapes, figs, purple onions)
the payoff: these deep, dark choices protect cells from damage and stave off cancer, heart disease, and have anti-aging, brain-boosting properties.


avocado blackberry smoothie via lisa’s vegetarian kitchen


everything spring farmers market salad via ambitious kitchen
everything spring farmers market salad via ambitious kitchen (w/purple cabbage)



(2 small purple plums and a handful of walnuts)


grilled asian eggplant w/ginger sauce via food & wine

vietnamese spring rolls w/crispy tofu via minimalist baker

see more ways to eat in color

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