5 favs, 5 spices: ginger

it’s part 4 of our 5favs weekly series on the 5 healthiest spices on the planet and we spotlight: ginger.  check out our 5favs recipes of this tummy healing* spice.  (and all recipes are meatless!)

how do you enjoy ginger?

carrot ginger juice via candice kumai

string beans with garlic & ginger via nytimes cooking

ginger tempeh poke bowl via one green planet

radish lentil idli fry w/carrot ginger chutney via my garlic ginger kitchen

pumpkin cranberry apple biscuits (w/candied ginger) via the salted table

*all about ginger as per eat this, not that:  Used for thousands of years to tame troubled tummies and aid digestion, ginger is mentioned in Chinese medical texts from the fourth century BC! Fresh ginger is richest in gingerol—the compound that contributes to many of the spice’s health benefits. When buying the dried spice, researchers say you’ll get the most gingerol from organic varieties.

get more 5 favs, 5 spices series 

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