I’m not a camper.  but I do enjoy the outdoors, so I would probably identify more as a glamper (i.e. going camping, but more upscale 😉  ) because roughin’ it…is just not for me.  so, in honor of all glampers everywhere, here’s an outdoor menu that would give us all a reason to celebrate.


arugula salad w/blackberries & avocado via lonny (keep it all cool and seperate just before serving)

 grill pizza via simply recipes (ready made pizza dough+varied toppings=custom pizzas for everyone)

campfire mushrooms via chez us


s’more cupcakes via chef mommy (make cupcakes ahead, frost +torch before serving)

smore popcorn campfire cones via katrina’s kitchen (for those who want the tradition but w/a twist 🙂 )


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