5 fall favs: mushrooms

it’s part 3 of the 5favs/5ways series for fall seasonal produce, and the focus is: mushrooms.  low in calories with essential B vitamins, per Cooking Light they are available year-round but are at their peak in the fall/winter season.  so here’s our 5 favorite ways to enjoy them.  share your favs! 😉  (all recipes are meatless !)


1 grilled: balasamic ginger grilled portobellow mushrooms via the roasted root

2. stuffedgoat cheese stuffed mushrooms w/breadcrumbs via food & wine

3. as a burger: mushroom lentil burger via cooking light

4. in a tart: rustic mushroom tart via chef carla hall

5. comforting: truffle mushroom risotto via the little foxes

bonus! roasted: gourmet roasted mac ‘n cheese via the kitchenista diaries

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