wednesday wish list: dining room

for my wednesday wish list, it’s about my dream dining room.  so in my searching and poking around, I was inspired by Arhaus‘ dining rooms and dining room tablesbut especially the Kensington Collection which (as seen in the image below) creates a setting that just screams casual elegance —  my personal preference in a dining room (from the table to the different seating options – I love how everything comes together to make this environment a place where people will want to stay, linger and well “happily dine” 🙂  ).

now I absolutely love the green accents in this image, but for a change in color and some different added textures – here’s what I would do to make this dining room even more dreamier  –  (let me know what you think!):

Kensington Dining Table & Buffet via Arhaus



please note: Arhaus is not a sponsor of this post, all opinions are my own.

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