Quarantine Needs

I never thought the word “quarantine” would ever be in my vocabulary – as in actually living it…but here we are.  Yet with all of this, I’m grateful for the medical teams assisting those in need, risking their own health to take care of others.  I’m grateful for the housekeeping and janitorial staffs who are assisting the hospitals at this time.  And I’m grateful for those of us who are doing our best to stay safe…and stay at home.  I’m hoping grocery stores in your area are well stocked at this time, and if so – here are a few of my absolute needs (along with some of my favorite recipes).  I’m keeping it simple. Feel free to share yours!


Oatmeal (use it for the Super Easy Granola)

Canned Salmon (try it in the Spicy Salmon Patties Recipe)

Dates (absolutely divine in the Ultimate Unbaked Brownies)

All Purpose Flour  (bake some Artisan Bread )

Jasmine Rice (use it for the best Vegan Burgers you’ll ever try)

Fresh Produce

Apples (check out 5fav ways to enjoy them)

Bananas ( Perfect for Banana Nice Cream or the best Banana Bread Recipe)

Lemons/Limes/Oranges (slice lemons/limes for water and eat oranges as a snack)

Plantains (make your own chips Baked Plantain Chips Recipe)


Eggs (You’ll need 1/2 dozen for the Best Brownie Recipe)

Coconut Milk (use in green smoothies)

Siete Almond Flour Tortillas (use them in your favorite taco recipe or try this)

Fresh and Frozen Spinach (use in smoothies or easily sautéed with onions for healthy dinner)




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