wednesday wishes.

it’s my wednesday wish list.  no further explanation needed. 😉 wish I was wearing this.   wish I was going here for the weekend, and this is where I’d stay. wish this was in my beach bag.  (and then I wish this was my beach bag). want to see this movie again because it made me LOL literally (and I learned an octopus has 3 hearts…) … More wednesday wishes.

destination Christmas

for most of us, waking up on Christmas morning in our own home is something we all look forward too.  but what if you had the chance to spend Christmas away from home…in an amazing destination…with your family…that was just as wonderful as being “home.”  so, I was thinking about where I would like to go … More destination Christmas

destination: portugal

my husband and I traveled to Portugal last year, we spent time in lisbon, algarve, and evora…all places that I would highly recommend that you seek and find. 🙂 It is a wonderful country and I found the food, the people, the architecture, the surroundings (basically everything), absolutely amazing.  it’s a trip I would definitely … More destination: portugal