eating greens.

I’m revisiting my eat-in-color series to find ways to eat healthy green foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  here are 5favs recipes to consider.  what are your favorite ways to get in some healthy greens?  šŸ„’šŸšŸ„‘ (and please note:  my sincere apologies for those who received an incomplete pre-scheduled email on Monday,  I will be more careful in the … More eating greens.

eat in color: green

it’s ourĀ eat-in-color seriesĀ (finding ways to enjoy naturally colorful foods within our day) ā€“ andĀ ourĀ task is to find a way to have aĀ greenĀ food at every meal throughout the day. Ā have you been following our g.r.o.p.y* series? (please see ourĀ previous eat-in-colorĀ posts onĀ orange,Ā red,Ā purple/blueĀ and yellow foods) so hereā€™s our greenĀ food recipes and meal options, (and best part ā€“ they … More eat in color: green