orange you lovely…

I’m revisiting my¬†eat-in-color series with a day of orange eats! orange-hued foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash, cantaloupe and oranges (just to name a few)¬†are full of antioxidants and can help fight off infection and support healthy skin and hair* – and who doesn’t have time for that. ¬†ūüėÄ so here’s a day of … More orange you lovely…

game time, snack time.

here’s a meatless game day menu that will make everyone happy (even your favorite carnivores!) – which recipes will you try? savor bibb salad with radishes via martha stewart vegan lentil walnut burgers via vegan richa plantain chips via the SugarApple (yours truly ūüôā   )  sweet ultimate unbaked raw vegan chocolate brownies via chocolate covered katie … More game time, snack time.

baked plantain chips

plantain chips are “not yo mama’s potato chips” ūüėČ ¬†although many people like to enjoy them fried, they are just as delicious when baked (and seriously, the baked version is soooooo good). ¬†so here’s¬†a very easy recipe for baked plantain chips that you can try and see for yourself! ¬†let me know if you make … More baked plantain chips

fall favs: weekend brunch

it’s time for a seasonal fall brunch, who’s in? ¬†ūüėČ ¬†here’s a weekend brunch menu celebrating the best of seasonal produce¬†and our personal¬†FallFavs. ¬†what do you think?¬† starters bowl of fresh apples and pears apple pecan arugula salad via minimalist baker savor creamy cheesy scrambled eggs via jessica in the kitchen polenta rounds w/wilted spinach … More fall favs: weekend brunch

5 fall favs: cauliflower

it‚Äôs the finale! part 5 of the 5favs/5ways¬†series¬†for¬†fall seasonal produce, and the focus is: cauliflower. ¬†ūüėȬ† this cruciferous¬†vegetable contains vitamins, minerals, and may even help lower the risk of some cancers (learn more about the health benefits¬†here). ¬†so, here’s my 5 favorite ways to eat cauliflower. ¬†what do you think? 1 in salad: cauliflower broccoli … More 5 fall favs: cauliflower

5 fall favs: squash

it‚Äôs part 4 of the 5favs/5ways series for fall seasonal produce, and the focus is: squash.  is there anything more symbolic of the fall season? ūüėČ this delectable vegetable is part of the eat-in-color orange family and here are my 5 favorite ways to enjoy them.  and please share your recipe favs too.  ūüėÄ (all recipes are meatless !) souped: roasted butternut squash soup with … More 5 fall favs: squash

5 fall favs: mushrooms

it‚Äôs part 3 of the¬†5favs/5ways¬†series¬†for¬†fall seasonal produce, and the focus is:¬†mushrooms. ¬†low in calories with essential B vitamins,¬†per Cooking Light¬†they are available year-round but are at their peak in the fall/winter season. ¬†so here’s our 5 favorite ways to enjoy them. ¬†share your favs!¬†ūüėȬ† (all recipes are¬†meatless¬†!)   1 grilled:¬†balasamic ginger grilled portobellow mushrooms via … More 5 fall favs: mushrooms

5 fall favs: pears

it’s part 2 of the¬†5favs/5ways¬†for¬†fall seasonal produce¬†series, and the¬†spotlight is on: pears. crisp, delicious and part of the eat-in-color green family, pears are just perfect year-round but especially in the fall. ūüėČ ¬†tell me what you think of my favorite ways to enjoy pears. ¬†what about you? ¬†(all recipes are meatless¬†!) 1. raw:¬†just as-is 2. … More 5 fall favs: pears