a day in the red

show yourself some love and revisit our eat-in-color series with a day of red foods – perfect for #MeatlessMonday! (and here’s a friendly reminder about red foods via equinox): the color: red the picks: cranberries*, red bell peppers, radish, tomatoes, apples, cherries, pomegranates*, raspberries, aronia berries (also beets*, cayenne pepper, guava, red grapefruit, strawberries, rhubarb, watermelon) the payoff: red fruits and veggies contain … More a day in the red

winter seasonal soiree

we’re in the final countdown to Christmas and here’s a great #MeatlessMonday dinner menu that showcases the winter seasonal produce that’s now available.  most of these recipes are very simple and can be done in an hour or less with the exception of the winter lemonade but it can be made days ahead of time.  what’s your … More winter seasonal soiree

fall tables

everyone thinks of planning the perfect table setting for thanksgiving, but I say “get ahead of the holiday” and design your fall table like right now, and find a reason to celebrate before the big holiday (check out soup party and meatless monday for entertaining ideas).  I found 5 favs for fall table settings to make … More fall tables

meatless monday

meatless monday was founded in 2003, and has become a global movement and phenomenon.  now I personally do eat meat/chicken/poultry products regularly, but for the past decade I have chosen to eat one meatless meal everyday.  I just find it improves my digestion and I feel better overall.  and vegetarian foods are really good, trust me … More meatless monday

fall desserts

throw a fall dessert party one afternoon – just find another reason to celebrate the fall season. I have a few ideas below of what I would have on the menu if I were throwing this soiree.  tell me what you would bring! caramel apple dessert station (apples of course! this would be my feature dessert…and loads of … More fall desserts