break the fast.

Its’ the most important meal of the day they say.  And it can be simple and quick, or more elaborate and decadent.  But in any case, Breakfast should always be some-kinda-good.   Like the ones I’ve picked out below.  Talk about delicious.  You may even want to have them for lunch or dinner.  And why not?  Nothing says you couldn’t scramble it up a bit.  🙂   What’s your favorite breakfast?

Scrambled Eggs 
(Eggcellent Breakfast Choice…simple and good)
(My kind of breakfast…I’d eat it every single day )

Avocado Toast
(This is delish in less than 5 mins)

Banana Peach Green Smoothie

(Quick and easy way to get fruits + veggies in first thing in the morning)

(Warm syrup + Crisp Waffles = YUM)
(Absolute Decadence. I’d like an order for Saturday morning please, thanks!)

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