yoga was always on my mind

So, yoga – maybe I didn’t treat you as good as I should have.

I just added yoga back into my fitness routine, after trying it a few years ago and loving it, then putting it aside and avoiding it for a few months again…then to only pick it back up again and repeat (you get the picture). On again and off again.  But when I’m not doing yoga – I feel like something’s missing, and I’m thinking about it.  And then whenever I do yoga  (as sporadic as it might be), I am always appreciative of how it makes me feel and wish I did it more often.

So now that I’m back on the yoga kick (hopefully this time is permanent…cheer me on please!), I’ve started watching Yoga Instructor Rodney Yee in the privacy of my home.  I really like his calm and easy-to-follow instruction.  I think if I were actually taking his class (live and in person), he’d be distracted and appalled watching me maneuvering into dog down (and probably laughing out loud).  However, that doesn’t mean that I still can’t try and look amazing in my not-so-graceful-yoga-poses.   I found 5 fab (say that really fast) items that I’d like to add to my fitness collection.

And just so you know, my favorite pose is warrior.   What about you, do you practice yoga? Tell me why you love it.

Aerie Lightly Lined V-Back Sports Bra

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