a heart healthy day.

the American Heart Association has some great tips on living a heart healthy lifestyle that include consuming a variety of fruits and veggies and whole grains. so in honor of american heart month, we thought we’d share a day-in-the-life of eating some of the top heart healthy foods (which most work for #MeatlessMonday)  to help those of you trying to find ways to eat more heart healthy.  which recipes are your favorite?  and be sure to learn more about national wear red day on friday, february 5th. #GoRedWearRed   


maple baked oatmeal^ topped with pomegranates* via free people blog (add a tablespoon of flaxseeds^ for added heart health nutrients)


tomato^ and roasted red bell pepper^ soup (low sodium) via american heart association

ultimate veggie sandwich via I am food blog (add some spinach^ for added heart health nutrients)


some berries^ with a handful of almonds^


vegetarian chili con tofu via food & wine (chock full of black beans^ and tofu^ for maximum heart health nutrients)

roasted carrots^, beets^* and red onion wedges via american heart association (low sodum, nutritious and delish!)

^top heart healthy foods

*in-season winter produce



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