5 ways to expand your poultry palette


I eat chicken most days of the week and can easily pick up a roast chicken from the grocery store on really busy nights if I choose not to roast one myself.  But I’d like to try and “open up” my poultry palette and try to exchange one typical chicken dish, with another type of poultry.  I found 5favs recipes ( some very easy and others that require more time and/or going to a specialty store) that I wanted to share.  but they all serve the purpose of: expanding my poultry palette.  how do you change it up?

umami turkey burger via food52 (nice flavor twist for turkey burger)

easy duck confit via melissa clark (this recipe had me at “easy”)

cornish hens with forty cloves of garlic via martha stewart (ok, technically…still a chicken but not your-typical-chicken, so I deem it an appropriate alternative 😉

turkey piccata via southern living (turkey breasts + lemon juice + capers sounds like some-kinda-yummy)

crispy duck breast wth glazed carrots via saveur (this looks delectable)

bonus: quail and grapes via david tanis (ok, if I really, really wanted to give due diligence to expanding my poultry palette…I thought I would have to think-out-the-box and try something that I’ve never had before and…that…would…be…quail. I’ll let you know when I try)

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